Experiencing God in Worship.

The Vineyard movement was birthed in simple songs and transforming moments of worship. To this day, experiencing God in worship is one of the hallmarks of Vineyard churches.

Throughout our story, the Vineyard movement has been primarily known for our expression of worship though the songs that God has given us. We have a rich history of meeting with God in worship, writing and recording songs for the Body of Christ, and serving worship leaders in their high calling in the local church.

Playing a vital role in birthing the contemporary worship movements of today, and with a few thousand songs pouring from Vineyard Worship over the last decades, the Vineyard movement has its own “hymnody” carrying our theology and values.

Our Values

Ontario Vineyard Church is a diverse community of Christ followers that is in fervent pursuit to see and experience God’s restoration here and now; both locally and globally.  

In light of this, Ontario Vineyard Church seeks to…

  • Partner with the Holy Spirit
  • Experience and worship God
  • Reconcile people with God and all creation
  • Engage in compassionate ministry
  • Pursue culturally relevant mission in the world